Second Draft

Justin Bieber nails it regarding God and faith...again

Dear Ronda Rousey, I've contemplated suicide too — and you need to know something

I had a horrible neighbor. And I failed him.

To the police officer that gave me a ticket...thank you

Grammy award-winning songwriter offers a 'wake-up call'

The tragic line buried in a story about 'The Bachelor' contestant's suicide

Why you don't need an Instagram-perfect life

The lie that's destroying a generation

The Important lesson I'm learning about adventure

Please God, don't let me die a virgin

What 'The Bachelor' taught me about life

Yes, religion is a crutch for the weak

Why the poor deserve more than just a Facebook post

Pro athlete's awesome comments about being second

Three ways to make better use of your 16,000 words today

The story of my scars


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