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Why Wearing Your Message Matters

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August 28, 2020 | 3 minute read

T-shirts have long been the preferred canvas on which a person’s values or interests are messaged out to the world. Wristbands, too, have become a mainstay for those wishing to advocate for a favorite organization, cause, or even personal motto. But messaging opportunities can also be found with hats, bags, decals and more, each offering new ways to introduce people to your value system. If you haven’t yet, you need to take seriously the opportunity to spark interest, awareness, and even conversations around the most important topic there is: God. Here’s how each kind of apparel can help you get the word out on what really matters.

T-Shirts Shout the Loudest

Let’s begin with the original and most common wearable message board: the T-shirt. The biggest advantage here is the mere size of the message you can wear. In terms of apparel, it’s your loudest opportunity. T-shirts have the most real estate on which to write your message, spark interest, and launch conversations. In my own personal experience, I can attest that the T-shirt has the highest chance of getting someone to ask, “What’s that mean?” And that doesn’t even count the 50 or 100 people who could see your shirt and be opened up to a new perspective on God. The only real downside is you can’t wear this one everyday (or at least you really shouldn’t). School or office dress codes might also prevent you from wearing this one at all. But when you can don this one it will give you a very loud messaging opportunity.

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Wristbands are Versatile, Meaningful, and Long-Lasting

Over the last decade or so, wristbands have grown from a thing teenagers wear to the most common method people of all ages use to affiliate with a cause, organization, or belief system. It is much more subtle than the T-shirt, which gets you past the office or school dress code allowing a broader messaging opportunity, i.e. more people will see this one. It’s also a more solid or meaningful way to associate with something. T-shirts, while big and bold, are not seen as a particularly strong way to identify your association. I bought a truck recently and the dealership gave me a t-shirt. I’m happy to wear that on occasion, but I wouldn’t wear their wristband unless they were willing to cut me in on their profits. You see the difference? And lastly wristbands are a long term strategy. You can put it on and never take it off. It gives you a steady and long-lasting messaging opportunity.

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The Window Decal: The Classic Awareness Tool

You won’t exactly get into a conversation with too many people because of a window decal (unless they saw you in the parking lot), but it sure gets a lot of eyeballs. And remember, your car isn’t the only place to stick it. But wherever you stick it, the decal is likely going to be better at raising awareness than actually sparking conversation. So depending on your situation (and preference), this may be exactly what you need. It makes a strong statement, like the wristband, but will get you more eyeballs.

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Occasional Items and the Surprise Factor

Going beyond the basics, there’s also hats, water bottles, lanyards, and more. While they each have unique strengths and weaknesses, they all will give you the occasional messaging pop. Going to the gym with a friend? There’s the water bottle opportunity. Heading out and need a place to stow your things? A bag can give you a surprise opportunity to spark conversation. Just remember: none of these things are about promoting I Am Second (though we love it when you tell people about us). They are tools for you to spark spiritual conversations, raise awareness about God, and help you get the message of hope to your world. I’ll be the first to admit it can be hard to find ways to bring up God with friends who aren’t yet into him. But with the right tool, it’s so much easier. Find what works for you.

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