Why We Can't Stop Watching This One Story Over and Over Again


We knew Brian and Jennea’s story was special from the start.

When I Am Second launched in December of 2008, we had just a couple handfuls of films. Initially, we aimed only for a local market in our hometown of Dallas, TX. Then our website went viral. Our films spread across the country and across the globe in a matter of weeks. Among those early films Brian Welch’s was the most enduring. Years later, it’s still the film that people watch and say, “Wow!”

When Dave Sterrett and I wrote the original I Am Second book, it was this story we featured at the start of the book. Brian “Head” Welch, rockstar and drug addict, comes to Jesus and quits the band to take care of his daughter Jennea. The story had drama, heart, and authenticity. But beyond it all it was inspiring. It made people want to do what Brian did: walk away from it all and follow Jesus.

One of the very first stories we got back from someone who had watched this film and others was from an inmate. We never got the whole backstory on this person. We don’t know how this person ended up in prison, but we did get a glimpse into the kind life change that stories like Brian Welch can evoke when this person wrote to us in an email.

“Jesus is now first in my life,” the email said. “Everything that mattered before just stopped mattering. Jesus is changing the hell out of me.”

That last line rung as an anthem for us on the I Am Second team. We still talk about it today. We loved the rawness and the authenticity. Faith and Jesus was so new, so unexpected for this person, they didn’t even know not to use profanity when talking about what Jesus has done in your life.

While the original film captured just stage one of Brian and Jennea’s story, it inspired millions of people like this inmate to consider a new path for their life. So when we started to think about doing a long form film, we knew what story we needed to tell.

For long time fans of I Am Second, Loud Krazy Love is the rewarding culmination of 10 years of storytelling. It brings you back to the first time you saw an I Am Second film and found yourself drying your eyes, laughing, and wanting to change your life all at the same time. For newcomers, this new film captures the beauty and power of a raw encounter with God in a way you can’t get anywhere else.

If you think you knew Brian and Jennea’s story, you’ve only got a taste of it. If you think you’ve seen what I Am Second has to offer, you haven’t. Until you’ve seen Loud Krazy Love.

Get tickets to a screening near you and watch the full story that began it all.

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