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“One night at my brother’s house, we decided to tell our stories,” said Lavance Meeks. “We told our ‘survivor of’ stories. It was a lot more powerful than we thought. We had survivors of rape, sickness, fatherlessness, doubt.”

Anyone who was willing shared.

“It was out of a lot people’s comfort zone to share such deep stuff,” he recalled. “But we felt we had to share.”

They thought about filming their stories. Lavance saw some I am Second films but knew his friends needed something closer to home, a story from someone they knew.

“My friends don’t know Tony Dungy[link to film] or Lecrae [link to film],” Lavance explained. “But they know me. I wanted to do my video because these people knew where I came from. They knew my past. They grew up in my neighborhood.”

So despite the warnings and fears, Lavance and others began to film their stories.

“The reaction has been strong,” Lavance recalled. “People call and text me all the time now wanting to talk about fatherlessness, about their own problems and issues. They ask me to talk with their children and family. I’ve told my story at churches, at a youth detention center. I’ve been so humbled by the reaction, by how much people have been inspired.”

“I didn’t do this to get pity. I don’t do this for sympathy. I don’t do this so somebody can come and pat me on my back. I’m not even doing this to diss my dad. I just want people to understand that God is your real father. God said in his Word that he would never leave you or forsake you, that his grace is sufficient. That means that no matter what, as long as you got Him, that is all you need. God has proven that to me.”

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