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Just recently we received a letter from a boy who is now at boy’s camp.  He writes, “As a young teen, I grew up in a bad neighborhood with drugs and gang violence going wrong.  And growing up, I didn’t have much of a father.  He was ignoring me for a while. [But] today I am writing to get a bracelet from you. Today I just found my real Father.  Now I made God first.”

Another changed life through I am Second. There is so much to celebrate in a declaration of Second.

Last month the movement celebrated five years of changing lives and capturing stories. The I am Second Live event, hosted by New York Times #1 Bestseller, Eric Metaxas, celebrated 100 I am Second films and their impact. Eric conducted interviews with many of the Seconds- Brian “Head” Welch, Annie Lobert, Remi Adeleke, and Scott Hamilton, accompanied by our musical Seconds, Jason Castro and Moriah Peters.  These Seconds shared stories of how their involvement with I am Second has been an investment in changing lives.

On December 2nd the I am Second movement will celebrate its 5th birthday. We will be streaming this night of I am Second Live with you.  Celebrate with us. Introduce others to the movement. Help us change more lives, like our friend who just became Second.

To get more information about the online streaming of I am Second Live, plus other I am Second news and deals for www.IamSecondstore.com, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/HMOJ5

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